LibreSwap implements different fee structures which put more rewards into the wallet of Liquidity pool (LP) providers who make the market to ensure that there are always tokens available for exchange on a DEX. On each trade completed by every user of the LibreSwap, there is a transaction fee of 0.25%. 0.2% of the fee gets distributed to the LPs, while 0.05% goes to the Libre Treasury. Users are strongly encouraged to add liquidly for any trading pair they want on LibreSwap. The system will favour users that provide early liquidity for new trading pairs. For example, if a user wants to see a BUSD/CAKE pair, the user can click on the “add liquidity” tab, and the system will create a new pair of LP tokens. The more a user deposits, the higher they will earn from trading fees.

LibreSwap SDK

The team has also developed a Software Development Kit (SDK), a package containing a set of tools for developers to understand the best way to integrate LibreSwap into their software. With our SDK, other projects can integrate LibreSwap within their Dapps and access liquidity and the smart contract that we have built. A decisive advantage of our SDK is that as trades happen on other platforms using our SDK, the SDK accumulates fees for LibreSwap LP providers and increases liquidity on LibreSwap.

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