Liquidity Claw (Single Asset Entry Farms)

We believe the next phase of the bull run will be precipitated by retail adoption across the BSC and Polygon networks, this will inevitably bring attention to the possibilities of Yield Generation.

Most yield farming opportunities require users to undergo multiple steps when depositing assets to generate yield. In keeping with our goal of simplifying the entry into DeFi, we have created a single-asset entry automated farming protocol.

How it works:

  1. User deposits 50 BNB in the farm

  2. Our protocol uses half of the BNB to purchase BUSD from a secondary dex (The Liquidity Claw)

  3. It then wraps the LP tokens and deposits them in the LibreSwap AMM.

  4. LPs can be withdrawn at any time and will be returned as two separate assets and their rewards.

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