NFTs are growing in popularity, and are likely here to stay.

One of the issues that we have identified within the NFT space is the lack of utility for individual NFTs. The ability to mint, buy, sell and trade NFTs is all fine and good, however, there needs to be a market for the artwork that is being traded, we believe the market becomes stronger if there is inherent utility and perks attached to a particular NFT.

Libre will be conducting ongoing NFT drops (the first one is slated to take place in January 2022). Each NFT drop will have a different theme and will be curated by different artists. NFTs can only be minted by users who are staking LIBRE tokens. For each drop, there will be separate staking pools with various amounts of LIBRE required to stake. The more you stake, the rarer the NFT becomes and the more perks the NFT comes with. As an example, the rarest NFTs will come with boosts on you APR in specific farms, guaranteed allocation for Launchpad projects, cashback incentives on the Libre Marketplace, etc.

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