Frequently Asked Questions by Our Community

Has Libre been audited?

Yes, Libre is audited by Nonce Blocks and also Certik. We are currently listed on Certik’s Skynet 24/7 smart contract monitoring leaderboard which is an industry benchmark for safety and security. To learn more, visit Certik’s Security Leaderboard, https://www.certik.org/.

Why do I keep getting high gas fees when depositing into farming and staking contracts?

We urge all users to please use whole numbers when depositing, for example, use $10 instead of $10.2875. Make sure to remove the decimal points. This should resolve the issue.

What is the circulating supply of Libre?

Please refer to team.finance to see the current circulating supply, total supply, and volume.

URL: https://www.team.finance/view-coin/0x63db060697b01c6f4a26561b1494685DcbBd998c?name=Libre&symbol=LIBRE

Where can I buy Libre?

Libre is listed on three decentralized exchanges including Pancakeswap, Quickswap, and Trader Joe. Libre also listed on Gate.io, a top 10 centralized exchange on November 18th.

What are the fees for staking and farming?

There is a 2% withdrawal fee when you withdraw Libre, this fee is taken from total rewards only. For farming only, there is also a 2% performance fee anytime you deposit into one of our farms.

Is there auto-compounding when farming?

V1 farms do not include auto-compounding but V2 farms will on staking.

Is there any lock-up period for staking?

No. You can withdrawal at any time.

What are the current farming emissions?

LIBRE is minted at a rate of 1 per block. This is equal to roughly 28,000 per day, per chain, bringing the total emissions to around 85,000 per day across BSC, Polygon, and Avalanche.

Where Can I Buy LIBRE?

Buy $LIBRE on Pancakeswap Buy $LIBRE on Quickswap Buy $LIBRE on TraderJoe

What are the verified contract addresses?

Below are the ONLY correct and Libre team verified contract addresses:

BSC: 0x63db060697b01c6f4a26561b1494685DcbBd998c

Avalanche: 0x8afa62Fa8DdE8888405c899D7Da077A61a87EeD3

Polygon: 0xF52d69BC301BE21cbed7D3ca652D1708FF8a1162

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