NFTs and V2 of the Libre Dapp

Please read below for more information regarding V2 of our Dapp and how our first NFT drop ties into it all!

For detailed instructions on how to merge your LP tokens over to our V2 farming contracts, please read our most recent Medium article: Now for the NFTs! Holders of the Libre Animal Farm NFTs are able to get boosted rewards on their LP tokens that they have deposited into Libre farms. If you have multiple NFTs, our smart contracts will take the NFT with the best rarity and use that for the boosted APR. The rarity of the NFTs are represented by a number value of 1-6, 6 being the most rare, and 1 being the most common. Below are the percentage boosts you receive based on rarity. 1- 20% 2- 40% 3- 60% 4- 80% 5- 100% 6- 120% To view the rarity of your NFT, follow the steps below: 1. Go to the Animal Farm contract page on bscscan 2. Click on the contract tab 3. Scroll down to #12 "getRarity" and enter your NFTs token ID (you can find your token ID in your wallet on BSC scan, or on NFTrade) 4. Click Query 5. Look where it says "uint8:" The number that shows will be the rarity of your NFT. Also, don't forget that you can still mint an NFT at

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